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Enjoy the moments captured of the Promises we helped fulfill.

The promise of a special getaway for my pets

Fashion stylist Divya Arora, kept her promise to her pets and took them for a well deserved break. Here she is keeping that promise to them at Vivanta by Taj - Surajkund, NCR. #PromisesKept

Divya Arora

Fashion Stylist

The promise of a day out with the kids

Mohit and Malika Sadaani, kept their promise to their young children with a family day out. Here they are keeping that promise at the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. #PromisesKept

Mohit Sadaani

Founder of The Moms Co

The promise to share the joy

Taj InnerCircle member and digital marketeer, Manan Vora, promised his friends and colleagues that they'd be more than just that. 8 years later, here he is keeping that promise by making them partners at the Chambers Suite, Taj Lands End Mumbai! #PromisesKept

Manan Vora

Partner, Ting Digital Services

The promise of being kids again

Having gotten married, Taj InnerCircle member Nirali Mehta, promised her sister Tanvi that she'd spend some quality time bonding with her like they used to. Her she is keeping that promise at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai! #PromisesKept

Nirali Mehta


The promise of a mother's day out

Taj InnerCircle member, Ridhi Vaid had promised to spend some quality time with her mother. Here she is keeping that promise at House of Nomad, Taj Lands End, Mumbai. #PromisesKept

Ridhi Vaid

Wealth Manager

The promise of a trip with Dad

Sharrom Yazdegardi's fondest childhood memories were trips with his Dad. He promised to take the time to relive them. Here he is keeping his promise at the Taj Aguada Resort and Spa, Goa! #PromisesKept

Sharrom Yezdegardi

Business Development Officer

The promise of welcoming a new member of the family

Now that her sibling Amrita's flown the coop, Taj InnerCircle member Namrata Valecha promised to spend more time with her and brother in law Kunal. Here she is keeping her promise at House of Nomad, Taj Lands End, Mumbai! #PromisesKept

Namrata Valecha


The promise to make up for a missed birthday

Work kept Renee Mitra from attending best friend Sumedha Mirani's birthday. She promised to make it up to her. Here she is making up for it at Taj Lands End, Mumbai! #PromisesKept

Renee Mitra


The promise of a birthday treat

Taj InnerCircle member Sukanya Sen missed celebrating her sister's birthday last month. She Promised to make it up to her sister with a special outing. She kept her promise at Souk, The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai. #PromisesKept

Sukanya Sen

Sales Head

The promise of teaching the little one to eat with chopsticks

The promise to broaden horizons, with each bite. Taj InnerCircle member,Bubun Mitra did just that, when she promised to teach her little one how to eat with chopsticks. Here she is keeping her promise at Ming Yang, Taj Lands End, Mumbai. #PromisesKept

Bubun Mitra

Interior Designer

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